Tips for Tackling All that Laundry!

Does the word cause your stress levels to spike? Do you break out in a cold sweat? Suddenly, are you looking for every single possible distraction or task to do first beforehand? I am referring to, of course, the despicable, intimidating, never-ending pile of laundry. Whether you are single or have a home full, we all have that brooding pile in our bedrooms, on that random corner chair or perhaps you are one who leaves the clean load in the dryer and simply pick through it for your daily outfit (*cough* totally guilty of this myself).

If you are like most folks, doing the laundry is procrastinated during the week and pushed off until the weekends. Well, doing this results in several loads of laundry that must be completed before the start of the new week! Have you ever timed a wash and dry cycle? If not, try it this week and multiply that by the number of loads you must do, that is a lot of time! Luckily, I am here with some tips that can help you regain some of that precious time and hopefully drive your stress levels back to normal.

  • Do a small load, daily!

    OK hear me out, a small load of towels or athletic wear is far easier to handle than the pile of multiple loads you are left with when you try to tackle all the laundry in a single afternoon. Plus, you still get that awesome feeling of satisfaction when it is finished! Win-Win!

  • Do not separate lights and darks.

     After the very first wash you put a new piece of clothing through once you bring it home, the chances of colors running, or bleeding drop dramatically. I will admit that the first mixed load may feel a bit wrong but once you embrace it, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner! However, if you have specific, special pieces that need extra care then follow the wash instructions per piece. Also, be sure to wash your clothes in cold water.

  • Many hands make for light work.

    Take advantage of the extra pairs of hands you have in the house by calling upon the kids for help. I confidently say that *most* kids have a genuine desire to learn, help and do things all by themselves (for all my parents out there, you know how beautiful and frustrating this can be at the same time). It took a couple weeks of working with my two kids i.e showing them how to fold a shirt, their pants and which drawer their socks and pj’s belong in and now I am thrilled to say that they got it.

Once a load of laundry has finished, my son, 8, and my daughter, 5, pick out all their pieces and as best as they can, begin folding and sorting their clothes all on their own. The small act of them doing their own laundry has been the most impactful on my mood when it comes to tackling the laundry. It has been such a huge relief for me, and they now get to experience the satisfaction of learning and completing a task all on their own. Another win-win!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, if you have your own laundry hacks or tips please feel free to share them in the comments below! Also, if the thought of your laundry or deep cleaning is still to much to handle on your own, let us handle it! Check us out on Facebook, view a complete list of our services or give us a call and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions! 661-281-9245

Tips for Tackling All that Laundry!

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