Maintaining Your Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bakersfield

After a professional carpet cleaning in Bakersfield, it’ll look fantastic! Proper maintenance can help keep your floors looking great until your next cleaning with many health benefits, including improving air quality. Good in-between care also helps keep carpets cleaner longer.

Stay Off Carpets Until They Are Dry

Once your carpets have been professionally cleaned, let them dry before walking on them. Turning on ceiling fans can help speed up the drying process. Never walk on wet carpets; ensure they are completely dry first.

Wait to Move Furnishings

Wait for the carpets to dry completely before moving your furniture back into place. Moving your furnishings onto damp carpets can slow the drying process under your furnishings. It can also cause some soiling.

No Bare Feet

Removing shoes before walking across your carpets can help protect them. Walking barefoot on carpeted floors isn’t good for them. Natural oils in your skin can cause carpets to attract dirt and look dirty faster. Wearing socks or slippers you don’t wear outside can keep floors looking better for longer.

Clean Spills Immediately

Clean up any spills or stains immediately. The longer a substance sits on carpets, the more challenging it will be to remove. Always blot spills instead of wiping the area. Blotting helps soak up the spill, while rubbing will cause it to soak into the carpet’s fibers.

Vacuum Regularly

After a professional carpet cleaning in Bakersfield, regular vacuuming can help keep them looking clean longer. It’s okay to vacuum whether or not they look like they need it. The vacuum will remove dirt and debris that you may not see. Regular vacuuming also helps remove allergens and pollutants you carried inside.

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Ginger Whitson