Strip & Wax Floors

Clean Stride specializes in high-quality floor stripping and waxing work. Our company also specializes in meticulous and detail-oriented customer service. Call us today for a free quote.

Premium Stripping & Waxing Floor Services

Stripping and waxing services can be excellent for your flooring. They can keep your flooring perfectly clean and lustrous. They can also make sure that moisture stays away from your flooring. This is extremely important. The presence of moisture can often be extremely destructive to flooring, leading to bubbling and warping issues, for example. If you want to protect your flooring, stripping and waxing services are vital.

We have a great staff here at Clean Stride. Our technicians are floor stripping and waxing aficionados. They have significant floor stripping and waxing experience and training. They also have genuine passions for keeping floors in great condition. If you want assistance from hard-working cleaning professionals, Clean Stride can provide it for you.

Our stripping and waxing technicians employ only the finest and most reputable cleaning tools and formulas available on the market. If you’re serious about safety, you’ll love the safe cleaning equipment we use on flooring. You’ll also love our focus on gentle cleaning solutions. We only select first-rate cleaning products and tools here.

If you want stunning flooring that’s a vision of true cleanliness, stripping and waxing services are absolutely essential. Call us at Clean Stride today to make an appointment. Call our company to experience the best and most personalized customer service around as well.