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Don’t let your oil waste bin look like this!

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Pictured above illustrates just how nasty oil waste bins can get. Choose Cleanstride and your bin will never look like this again!

Clean Service Matters

This is an example of how your used cooking oil bins should look.

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Used Cooking Oil Recycling and Removal in Kern County

We are now licensed for waste oil pickup services for your restaurant or commercial kitchen in the Central Valley!

Disposing of waste oil and grease is typically an afterthought for restaurants and businesses. Entrepreneurs have so much on their mind to keep their business running smoothly, waste oil collection services are the least of their concerns. That is, of course, until they need to dump oil and they find out their oil bin is completely filled! When we come to pick up your used cooking oil, we provide a clean and timely service to prevent your bins from overfilling.

For anyone in the food industry, you have probably seen first-hand the type of neglect that used oil bins can suffer from. From oil spillage and spoiled grease, to food debris and flies, these oil bins are not for the fainthearted. Leave the work to us! We are the cleaning and oil collection pros! We make it our mission to keep your oil bin area clean and collect your used cooking oil in a timely manner.

Does your business have used cooking oil that needs to be collected? Give us a call today: 661-281-9245

Why Choose Cleanstride To Collect My Used Cooking Oil?

Being professionals in the cleaning industry, we have high standards when it comes to keeping a clean environment for our clients. One thing we have been able to observe from our experience in commercial cleaning is that businesses with used oil bins are almost all fall victim to the same issue: disgusting oil bins and lack of cleanliness during oil pickup.

We quickly saw that we could truly help our clients in this area, so we went through the process of getting licensed to be a inedible kitchen waste hauler by the state of California.

We are beyond excited to announce that we are officially setup to collect your used commercial kitchen/restaurant oil now!

It is our promise at Cleanstride to provide the following for your commercial kitchen or restaurant:

  • Properly licensed oil collection expertise
  • New (clean) oil bins for your oil waste, sized for your business
  • Timely, same-day pickup, scheduled from when you call us
  • Professional collection specialists who care about cleanliness
  • Cleaning service for your messy oil bin area (fee of $50)

Are your oil bins lacking cleanliness and nearly full? Let us help you today: call 661-281-9245

Why Choose Cleanstride To Collect My Used Cooking Oil?

At Cleanstride, we are licensed to collect oil from all over California. We primarily focus on Central California. If you are in a rural area, please give us a call and we will review your location and work with you on a solution.

Here’s a list of areas we most commonly collect used/inedible cooking oil from:

  • Kern County
    • Arvin
    • Bakersfield
    • California City
    • Delano
    • Maricopa
    • McFarland
    • Ridgecrest
    • Shafter
    • Taft
    • Tehachapi
    • Wasco

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