Commercial Kitchen & Hood Cleaning

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Commercial Kitchen & Hood Cleaning

Restaurant kitchen exhaust hoods quickly collect grease and grime. While the job of dismantling and cleaning can be rather time-consuming and unpleasant, the Clean Stride team is available to make the process seem like a breeze. Clean Stride offers a valuable service and assistance to our commercial customers.

Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment. Neglected kitchen grease buildup can become a fire hazard. Clean Stride is well equipped to complete get rid of kitchen grease and have your exhaust hoods in fantastic shape for business.

We hire only professional technicians who are well trained in how to dismantle hoods and fully dissolve grease. Our team can handle small or large jobs, and has the commercial kitchen cleaning knowledge to deal with very sticky grime collection. We are professionals who understand the value of your business and want it to run as effectively as possible.


Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Our equipment and cleaning solutions allow us to take care of commercial kitchen cleaning jobs in a safe and time-effective manner. Clean exhaust systems are very important, and our team is fully qualified to handle consistent maintenance appointments. Our products and skills keep your kitchen safe and clean and customers and staff members happy.

Our attentive team is ready to clean your commercial kitchen. Contact Clean Stride to begin a very pleasant business relationship. We will proudly bring our state of the art equipment and courteous team to your establishment.